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Through a list of examples , we will build a script to validate phone numbers , UK postal codes, along with more examples.First, let’s start by building the webpage and the validation code then we will talk about the regular expressions used to validate the strings.First go to your html file and paste the following code : Here, I have a simple form.It has an onsubmit event attached to a function called validate() that we are going to create later inside this form there are three inputs one for our phone number another one is for postal codes and the third and the last one is a submit button that is going to submit the form after we are done filling it.Then use is Valid Container(container) method to determine the container is valid or not.

That's why Parsley is here: to let you define your general form validation, implement it on the backend side, and simply port it frontend-side, with maximum respect to user experience best practices.

When using these kind of components, the form fields are split into multiple regions which there is only active, visible one at any time.

By default, the invisible fields belonging to inactive regions will be ignored by Form Validation, we need to set . In order to validate particular region, we can use validate Container(container) method.

They are shipped in English by default, but many other languages are available, thanks to the awesome international Parsley community. To load a different locale and its messages, include them after Parsley: The last loaded file will automatically set the messages locale for Parsley.

In the example above, we load both French and Italian translations, and use Italian.

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