Updating an oracle sequence via plsql

You wouldn’t expect a sequence select to be a significant problem but recently we saw that it was—and in two different ways.

The issue came to light when investigating a report performance issue on an Oracle non-RAC database.

With SQL_ID 4m7m0t6fjcs5x that’s easy to accomplish by changing the sequence’s cache value.

In 11g, however, Oracle has added sequence fetching (using NEXTVAL and CURRVAL) to the list of valid PL/SQL expressions.

The resource is useful as a primer for individuals who are new to Oracle, or as a reference for those who are experienced at using Oracle.

A great deal of information about Oracle exists throughout the net.

We developed this resource to make it easier for programmers and DBAs to find most of the basics in one place.

Topics beyond the scope of a "cheatsheet" generally provide a link to further research.

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