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The WPF threading model revolves around an object called as dispatcher.It can be considered as the object that owns the message loop for a particular thread.One of the biggest problems facing any Windows forms or WPF programmer is that you can't use the UI thread to do much work.If you do the result is an unresponsive application.The result is a lot of frustrated forum posts from people who are trying to run a lengthy process while updating a progress bar, only to realize that the progress bar is not updated until the process is done running.

The most difficult concept about multi-threading in a Windows application is the fact that you are not allowed to make changes to the UI from another thread - if you do, the application will immediately crash.

The proper solution is to use a new thread to do all of the heavy computation and leave the UI thread free to get on with what it is supposed to do - deal with user events.

However the computation thread usually has to provide evidence that it has done something and this means that it has to interact with the UI components.

As is well known, UI components aren't threadsafe - hence the rule that only the thread that created a component can access it.

You can optionally turn this rule off and allow the worker thread to access the UI but this isn't a good idea.

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