1960s tenage dating

Have you been held down, shoved, pushed, hit, kicked, or had things thrown at you by your partner?

’ Does your partner make your choose between him/her or family and friends?

With the increased teen presence came disapproval, as marginalization and indifference turned into active condemnation of teenagers by parents and local authorities.

Teen dances were shut down, rock'n'roll records were banned, and students were expelled for a multitude of rule infractions.

Sandwiched in between the generations of new postwar families and their boom of babies was a generation of teenagers.

Teens were marginalized by the adults, who didn't want to be bothered with the very different values of teenagers.

The boomers morphed the car into a “fashion statement”, and the “cruise” began to arise, ultimately changing the way society perceived the car.

Half of all teenage pregnancies now end in abortion, up from about four in 10 in 1990.

Whether the fall continues, or the rate bounces up again, remains to be seen.

Diane Abbott, the Shadow public health minister said: "These figures show the lowest under-18 conception rate since 1969, a drop that took place under a Labour government.

Julie Bentley, chief executive of the FPA, said: "The fact that we’re seeing the lowest teenage pregnancy figures in England and Wales for over 40 years is because of the dedicated work of professionals in relationship and sex education, contraception and local services.

We must do all we can to keep the momentum going." There has been sustained criticism of Labour's Teenage Pregnancy Strategy, which relied on improving sex education and making contraception available to teenagers. However, since 2007 the rate has fallen consistently.

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