Sex chat between a girl and boy

Girl: I'm not a cop i told you Boy: Then send me your picture. Boy: When really you were notifying the authorities. Boy: I thought you were trying to find a picture to send to me. Girl: I don't want to send you the picture cause I'm not pretty Boy: Most cops aren't Girl: IM NOT A ****ING COP YOU DICKHEAD! pls pls dont take it otherwise He: Ha ha...happens with me lots of time... but my parents have fixed me, I have met her twice as in she is a family fren. He: she is doing some desigining after her graduation. She: Hmm, congrates He: Hey thanks but there is nothing like this as of now, when it will be I will let you know..:) She: Hey..thanks for support n understanding.I will be the same with u always.worry.understand thanks. Just that I have told my parents to wait for sometime as i am not prepared for it. but I think I need to get my mind at right track after knowing the fact..:-/ She: Hey dont worry I am there for u always. From the conversation you can tell that he is trying to keep you around, but he has no intention of ever having something with you.

[private] created by brendalucy only for me and my boyfriend no is not to bother me and my boyfriend this is onlu for me and him to talk on cuz if you do i will report you guys If this chat room is illegal, click here.

Girl : Yeah and when they were making you must have leaked out of your mold!!

Boy : You know when they made u they must have broken the mold. Boy : I'm a photographer I've been looking for a face like yours!

Boy : Yes Darling, that was the happiest hour of my life... Girl : Sorry, telephones are against my religion!!!

Boy : When we get engaged will you give me a ring?? Girl : Do you remember when you proposed to me, I was so Overwhelmed, I couldn't speak for an hour.. Boy : Do you have a phone number I can reach you on?

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